“Our Load is Priceless! We Carry Your Trust"

We are working to provide timely, affordable and safe delivery opportunities for your shipments by producing projects which are in compliance with your needs with our expert team in terms of road transportation regulations and our customer-oriented solutions.

Our Road Transportation Services
* FTL, LTL, Import and Export Loadings (Ukraine, Balcans, Whole Europe, Turkic Republics, Baku, Erbil)
* Out of gauge loadings and Lowbed transportation,
* Minivan, Express Service (Whole Europe, Balcans, Ukraine, Estonia, Poland, Turkic Republics, Baku). Transit times considered as an alternative to the airway are particularly important for your deliveries such as food, textile, ship-machinery spare parts.
* Partial and full frigo transportation,
* FTL / LTL Strappy Textile Transportation
Transit Transportation. Transit shipments between Europe with Turkic Republics, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Georgia

As MODA , we would be pleased to meet all of your freight demands with the most appropriate pricing and service details.